Kodi, Leia, IPTV Oh My!

Hello there,

Well, I use Kodi as my media center on Ubuntu 20.04.

I do not use it that much nowadays since ESPN has moved most of its content to ESPN+ ( and yes I have a valid subscription via my cable provider) and there is no add-on for it.

As well as with NBC which now uses Peacock and some other apps.

I still use it to watch my movie collection and also IPTV. I have a subscription with a provider.

The other day, I decided to clean it since I had lots of repositories that did not work anymore and it was a mess So I did a clean install to Kodi Leia.

So far so good until I started Kodi. Notice that the PVR IPTV Simple Client was not working.

No sweat, under Ubuntu you can add it as a package, and perhaps it was not installed correctly.

Silly me,  the problem was that it had a dependency that was broken. It was asking for the Kodi-API-PVR=(3.5.10).

Strange since the Kodi install package should have the API on it. Not really somehow the API is no longer part of it.

Well, I tried installing it from the Kodi repository, it is no longer there it has been taken out. The new repository that has it, was trying to install a client that had the same error as when I tried it on Ubuntu. Bummer.

A long search on forums gave no answer, under Windows it seems to be working under Linux it seems to be broken but for some distros and not others.

Found someone on a forum saying it was a banned add-on, silly rabbit. First of all, it is just a client it has no configuration to try to stream stuff you are not suppose to for example.

That brings me to another thing that bothers me, there are lots of people on forums that do not know diddly.

They ask inane questions, send you the wrong path, and sound as they are doing you a favor. Who would it thought the Internet was like that (sarcasm…).

In any case, decided to go to the source.

Went to the following link for the PVR IPTV Simple Client and followed the instructions on how to compile it.

After that, I added the add-on to Kodi and now it works!

The moral of the story, sometimes you need to take the bull by the horns and do things yourself.

Take care.


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