Cerbot, Oh My!

A few weeks ago, my Internet router died suddenly.

Not that much of an issue unless you use a custom box as a modem and you have your website hosted on it.

The server I was using for this was a Fedora Core 9 machine. I know an ancient OS.

The machine itself was not that old, I found about 4 years a cheap Intel 386 with ISA support so I replaced the really old server I had. I was able to migrate to the new box, I was running a hardware raid setup using an ISA card. Talk about making things complicated.

I initially tried using a virtual server to have things running quickly, I had a backup of the server running on a VMware workstation however, I could not make it a go for reasons that may merit another blog.

However, I had laying around my old media server, 4 Gb of ram and 500 GB of disk space. Too much space but that was the only thing I had. It only had one NIC but I found a USB to Ethernet dongle.

This time I decided to use HAproxy to present my website and blog and have proper SSL certs for each.

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