IPv6, DHCPv6 and DDNS


As you already know IPv6 uses stateless configuration right off the bat.

If you have a small network, this is not a problem, and I mean small meaning maybe 10 or so devices.

You can manually update your devices using DNS and you will be fine.

But in the enterprise where you can have hundreds if not thousands of devices then you have a nightmare.

You will not remember IPv6 addresses as you did with IPv4, you need DDNS so devices can register themselves with DNS.

For this you would need the following.

    • A DNS server that allows IPV6 dynamic registrations
    • A DHCP server that supports such registrations.
    • A DHCP server that can issue IPv6 addresses and other options.
    • A RADVD or Router that is capable of advertising a default route.

I want to show you how to configure this using GNS3 and VirtualBox. This lab hopefully will be instructional.

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